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Honouring Professor Jose A Apud MD

Professor Italo Mocchetti

Posted by Daniel R. Weinberger | 14 August 2013

Prof Jose Apud has been a pillar on which the program of clinical schizophrenia research at the NIMH has stood for over a decade. He has worn more hats as a clinician, pharmacologist, and basic researcher than most people have worn in a lifetime.

Posted by Karen F. Berman MD | 22 August 2013

I have the distinct pleasure of writing this note on behalf of José, whom I first met almost 20 years ago when he first came to NIH as a Senior Staff Fellow in the Neuropsychiatry Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health. At that time, he began work with Dr. Richard Jed Wyatt, then Branch Chief and world renowned researcher in the area of Schizophrenia and Neuropsychiatric Disorders. We were fortunate to retain José, initially as our Medical Director and then as the Clinical Director for the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch, a division of NIMH that I now direct as Branch Chief. José represents an unusual and valuable blend of skills and experiences: a basic researcher with a successful career even before coming to NIMH; and a clinical researcher with superb medical skills, administrative talent, and great scholastic dexterity as shown by his appointments at the George Washington University as a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and at Georgetown University as an Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience. He has won many awards during his clinical/research career, even as early as his psychiatric residency where he received two national honors, the American Psychiatry Association/Burroughs Wellcome Award and the NIMH/Upjohn Most Outstanding Resident Award. At the NIH, he received the NIMH Director’s Award and an NIH Director’s Award, and was nominated for the NIH Distinguished Clinical Teacher Award. Jose’s scientific portfolio includes over 80 scientific papers in the areas of neuropsychopharmacology, schizophrenia and pharmacogenetics published in national and international journals, and he has been an invited speaker and presented his research in a number of important scientific venues. His inclusion in the Wall of Honour at the Royal Society of Medicine speaks loudly of his well-deserved recognition in the field of medicine after many years of dedication to academia and research, as well as his role in providing services as a consultant in the community for people with serious mental conditions and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Karen F. Berman MD
Branch Chief

Posted by Giorgio Racagni | 29 August 2013

It has been an immense pleasure to know that Josés name has been inscribed on the Wall of Honour at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine. I have been known José since the late seventies when he came as a research fellow to work in my neuropsychopharmacology laboratory at the University of Milan. As his PhD mentor, it is always a great satisfaction to know that he has achieved a scientific level that pairs his skillfulness, intelligence and great competence as a neuroscientist. In particular, José is a scholar and a psychiatrist who was able to transfer seamlessly his basic research knowledge into clinical practice. During his career José has received many awards and I am sure he will continue to be a great mentor for his students.

Posted by Alessandro Guidotti, M.D. | 29 August 2013

It is a great pleasure for me to write a note on behalf of Jose Apud to express my opinion on his scientific, academic, and clinical qualities.

I have known Jose since 1979 but I had a better grasp of his qualities and achievements when he came in 1987 to do his post-doctoral work as a Visiting Professor of Pharmacology under my direct supervision at the FIDIA Georgetown Institute for the Neurosciences in Washington D.C., directed by Professor Erminio Costa. His research focused mainly in the discovery of an endogenous peptide that was hypothesized to be the true endacoid for the serotonin-2 receptor.

At present Jose` serves as the Clinical Director for the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch (CBDB) at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, MD, USA. In this position Jose` has not only provided superb clinical coordination for researchers, but also he has been instrumental in developing and coordinating new research protocols that complemented and expanded the research already developed at CBDB, mainly in the area of pharmacogenetics of COMT and KCNH2.

From the scientific perspective, he is the author of over 80 research papers, related to basic neropsychopharmacology, and clinical studies on schizophrenia, and published on journals of great national and international prestige. Jose` has been invited speaker or presented papers and posters in a number of national and international meetings. In view of his accomplishments, I can confidently state that Jose` epitomizes the figure of an outstanding Clinician/Scientist.

Dr Apud is a bright, motivated and inquisitive clinician with an extensive research background in basic science.

Posted by Dr. Bernardo Hirschman | 10 September 2013

During the more than 15 years that I have known Dr. Jose Apud MD PHD
I have learned to appreciate his many qualities as a scientist, researcher,
teacher, mentor and clinician.
As a scientist , I know of his forward looking approach, his innovative ideas
and his clarity of thought.
As a researcher he is a cautious worker, with attention to detail and a
painstaking devotion to integrity.
As a teacher he is devoted to his students and cherishes their learning and
As a mentor , he has influenced the development of a cadre of researches,
thinkers, and practitioners , devoted to their tasks and to their patients.
All this pales in comparison to his task as a compassionate clinician. His
interest in the well being of those he treats is only exceeded by his dedication
to their improvement and health.

Posted by Prof. Alfredo Coviello | 4 October 2013

Jose Apud has been the brightest disciple I have mentored and I am very honored of having been the one who initiated him in the scientific research field and I am also very proud of his achievements as a scholar and as a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health. As a research fellow I recall him as having a sense of urgency for research, becoming eager about finding out if his hypothesis was confirmed or not. He transited a difficult road, waiving any position that could have given him economic gains. His continued search for the truth, the supreme good of human condition, was the greatest satisfaction he always pursued.

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