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About the inscriptions

Names were first inscribed on the Wall in early 2009 and additions are made chronologically, in batches of 20.

The Membership Office will advise you personally when the name of the person you are honouring is to be added and you will also be invited to a special ceremony.

In addition, you, your family, professional colleagues and friends can visit the Wall at any time to see 'your' name, but it would be helpful if you let us know in advance so we can host you properly.

Simply email membership@rsm.ac.uk or phone 020 7290 3930.


Formatting your name

The format for inscriptions is as follows:

TITLE, NAME, PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION - then the year[s] of birth or birth and death, if you wish to include them.

For example:




You may of course choose to use initials instead of one or more names, but please note, there is only room for one post-nominal/academic or professional qualification.

To see who is already listed and on which panel of glass their inscription appears, please visit the Virtual Wall.

Latest news

1 January 2017
New Wall Space Released
Due to popular demand, we have just released more spaces on the Wall of Honour. If there is someone you would like to recognise for their contribution to medicine or healthcare, please call Paul Summerfield on 07789 203 735 or email paul.summerfield@rsm.ac.uk.

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17 February 2016
The RSM sadly marks the passing of Alan Failing
Alan was responsible for many inscriptions on the Wall of Honour, as well as other signage around the RSM building. He took great pride in his work, recognising the importance these inscriptions have for families, friends and colleagues. Alan was the ideal sign-writer – accurate, reliable, punctual and easy to get on with. He is much missed.

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4 December 2013
The Wall of Honour celebrates its 5th anniversary
By this landmark anniversary, 700 names had been added to the Wall, over 1,500 people had attended a Wall of Honour ceremony and over £1.2 million had been raised to support medical education. Each person honoured also had also been given a dedicated web page, so family and friends can continue to share memories and photos.

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14 October 2013
The total raised hits £1.1 million
Thanks to a boost of over £161,000 in just eight months, the Wall of Honour breaks the £1 million barrier – with all funds invested in the Society's provision of medical education.

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